The Gilmore Project

Lessons learned from The Gilmore Girls.

Rory’s Tips

  1. Constantly remind yourself of your goals.  It will help you get through the rough patches along the way.
  2. Dream as if it’s already a reality.
  3. It’s okay to be an introvert, as long as you stay open to new experiences in life.
  4. Keep your favorite things around you, so you can escape to a quieter world for a bit if you need to.
  5. Don’t let other people get to you.  If you know what you’re doing is right and what you enjoy, then it doesn’t matter what others think.
  6. Read as much as you can.  There’s so many different books out there, so there’s something for everyone.  There’s a lot books can teach you.
  7. We’re all shy sometimes, but make the effort to be polite and open to a conversation.
  8. Be willing to tell your mom about “the boy”.  She’ll find out one way or another.
  9. Always be polite and gracious.  People will respect you for that.
  10. Surround yourself with people and environments that will motivate you.
  11. Even if you can’t take on the world just yet, push yourself to take baby steps for now.
  12. Know when it’s time to ask for help.  Don’t let your pride get the best of you.
  13. Be willing to be the role model when other people aren’t at their best.  In fact, do your best to be a role model all the time.
  14. Stand up for yourself.  Know when it’s time to say something.
  15. “This too shall pass.”  Unpleasant events will be over eventually.  Look towards the future and you’ll get through them.
  16. Take the time to get to know your family.  Trust me, a lot of you comes from them.
  17. Learn the skills you need to survive your situation.
  18. It’s sometimes better to give yourself time to clear your head after an argument.
  19. Appreciate all of the great things your parents have given to you, and what they have done for you.
  20. Find someone who’s accomplished what you want to accomplish and learn from them.
  21. Know who your role models are.
  22. Keep a schedule (of some form) to keep you on track.
  23. Don’t let what others say change who you are.  If you know you’re doing the right thing, focus on your own life.
  24. Get excited about the first day of school.  You’ve got a fresh start.
  25. Success may be intimidating.  Remember that you earned it.
  26. Don’t be afraid of higher standards.  Use them to push yourself forward.
  27. Remember (and appreciate) all of the things your parents try to do for you.  
  28. Any day can be a new start.  You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day.
  29. Don’t be a bully.  Have enough confidence in yourself to push yourself instead of intimidating other students.
  30. Don’t be afraid to take some responsibility off your parents’ hands.  You might impress them.
  31. There are times we all want our mommy.  Your family and friends are there for you when things are tough.  Ask for help.
  32. People don’t always reveal their whole story.  Take the time to get to know someone before you start judging.
  33. Get to know your family history.  Don’t let the fun anecdotes get lost in time.
  34. People may judge you by a stereotype.  Show them that they’re wrong.
  35. Don’t miss an opportunity to get to know your grandparents.  There’s a lot you can learn from them.
  36. Not everyone has to love sports.  Either take the time to find one you do like, or simple find something else you can enjoy.
  37. Don’t be afraid to be polite.  Just try to make the best of any situation you end up in.
  38. Take a moment to gather in a memory.  You’ll have something to look back on later.
  39. Be ready to adapt to different social situations.  Everyone can learn to handle them in their own way.
  40. Focus on your own relationships with people.  Remember that they have their own lives as well.

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