The Gilmore Project

Lessons learned from The Gilmore Girls.


Both of the Gilmore girls have a distinct fashion sense.  While I myself am not well versed in traditional fashion ideas, I can still appreciate the looks that both girls put together.  If you watch throughout the seasons, you can see Rory and Lorelai’s looks mature over the years (in Rory’s case, mostly after graduating from the Chilton uniform).  So in this section, I will post descriptions of the types of clothing and hairstyles they wear in the episodes, plus some links to where you can find clothes similar to theirs.


  • Rory: sweaters, short-sleeved turtlenecks, jeans, skirts, dark tights, boots, long wool coat, leather backpack; hair either straight or with pieces pulled back
  • Lorelai: blazers, solid colored shirts, simple necklace and earrings, dress pants/skirts, fun t-shirts, long wool coat, heavy scarf; hair shoulder length


  • Rory: Chilton uniform with an orange backpack, jeans, denim jacket, striped T-shirts, zipped sweatshirts
  • Lorelai: gray fitted blazer and matching skirt, black heels, red pocketbook


  • Rory: red sweater and khakis, purple dress with choker, dark red sweater and skirt, pinned back waves
  • Lorelai: light sweater with an LBD, black fitted suits with white blouse, purple dress with matching scarf, jeans and t-shirt with fitted leather jacket, headbands

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