The Gilmore Project

Lessons learned from The Gilmore Girls.

Stars Hollow’s Guide to Small Town Charm

The fictional town of Stars Hollow is set in suburban Connecticut, approximately 30 minutes away from Hartford, with a population of 9,973 people.  In the first episode you see a variety of town staples, including Luke’s Diner, Miss Patty’s Dance School, Kim’s Antiques, and Stars Hollow High.  The high school boasts signs with recent sports victories and is decorated proudly with its school colors.  Buildings in the town square are hung with patriotic banners and flower boxes.  A gazebo is located in the town square, a small green park with inviting benches and shady trees.  At night, the streets are decorated with tiny lights, reminiscent of the stars of which the town’s name is rooted.

It is shown from the beginning that this town is a small, but close, community.  For example, if you want to know any news in the town, you go to Miss Patty.  This is how Dean gets his job at Doose”s Market.  The neighbors themselves are close.  They feel free to visit at any time.  Lorelai feels safe enough to hide her house key under a turtle on their porch and can count on Babette and Maury to call her if anyone unfamiliar comes by.  Most of the town knows when Rory’s first day at Chilton is, and how Lorelai should have dressed more appropriately.

Town Events

  1. Teen Hayride

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