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Why We Don’t Have Time for Jane Austen

Why We Don’t Have Time for Jane Austen.

This is a very interesting piece that discusses some of the reasons why, as a whole, we simply don’t have the attention span for reading anymore.  I’m sure Rory would personally disagree, but the idea that people have less time for reading than they’d ever like would hit right at home.  I know that is definitely true in my case, where I squeeze my books into bus travel and waiting for class to start.

But with so much going on in the world, why do we still want to read?  One is the idea that books, even fiction, teach us something about our world and our culture (if you don’t believe the fiction bit, remember that those authors had to draw inspiration from their life and surroundings).  The problem is that in attempting to broaden your knowledge and appreciation of culture it can be difficult to determine where to start.  The author here points out, however, that “one book (film, TV show, etc.) read is one more accomplished.”  So take the first step out the door, and make an effort to learn something today.


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  1. elizabeth

    I’m trying, I really am. 🙂

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