The Gilmore Project

Lessons learned from The Gilmore Girls.

The Gilmore Project


I have watched the entire Gilmore Girls series three times, and every time it makes me more motivated in my life: to read more, to take the next step, to study more, to get closer with my family, and in general, to have more fun.  I’m mostly fascinated by Rory.  She’s intelligent, well-versed, polite, independent, and driven to succeed.  No, she’s not perfect, but who is?   Watching Rory makes me want to go for my goals and take charge of my life (which is something she got from Lorelai, such as the opening of her own inn).

I feel there is something to be learned from Rory, as well as Lorelai and many other characters in the series.  I’m not trying to impersonate someone else; I’m trying to explore a character I admire and let it inspire me to take some steps in my own life.  As such, I’ve also included some other inspiring females, both fictional and non.

So enjoy this site, whether you want to learn more about the show, remember some of the funny moments, or join me in my project to make life even more successful.

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  1. introvertedblogger

    I was turned onto the GG’s by my middle son ( 18yrs old). He loved this series and it provided great birthday gifts in the form of DVD’s for a few years. I wondered what he saw in it ( being a boy, and boy’s boy he is too) but after just a few hours of viewing it became clear to me. He’s an introvert ( all my childen are) though on the mid scale as he has social tendancies, and he relates completely to Rory’s introverted intelligence and the way she is totally comfortable in her shell.
    Great show.

    • One of the things I love about the show is that it highlights introverts without making them seem socially incapable. I love when the headmaster tells Rory she isn’t involved in social activities at the school, but she points out that she has a whole home life that no one else sees. And I love her with her books. Everyone needs somewhere to escape to sometimes.

  2. I fully agree,with you there’s lots to be learned from the characters in Gilmore girls…..even if it meens to be more polite,more friendly,care for the community…..there’s always an helpfull lesson in every episode*

    • I love that it has such good examples of role models throughout the show, but they’re not cardboard characters. Too often a show will have “good role models” who are “perfect” in every way and no one can really match up to them in real life. With the Gilmore girls, they make mistakes and they have their quirks, but they work through them.

  3. I feel exactly the same way. I am so glad I have found this blog!

    • Thanks so much! It’s great to hear you say that. Be sure to click the follow button and keep checking out the different pages – I update them frequently. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

  4. Hi there! Today, when I was randomly surfing on the net trying to find something more and ‘deep-ish’ about GG, I stumbled upon your blog and it totally swept me off my feet! It’s beautifully organized and it’s focused on exactly the things I am focusing about GG. Love it, great job! But it’s a pity that it sort of died out…I see you began to write it but I guess you never had time to continue do your job (e.g. finishing the lists like Lorelai’s movie list, Sookie’s cooking list, the fashion..), you kind of got stuck in the first few episodes…and I can totally relate to that myself:D But if you would like me to pitch in and help you with that, let me know:-) I would be more than happy:-) write me to P.S. I’m also sorry for my English, it’s not my native tongue, but as I’m beginning to study at an uni and major in English lit and language, it might get better:-) Bye!:-)

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